"Vibes of Betrayal"

I can feel the back'in the day type vibes...Betrayal's bad homie, like ya just might dye ..,or just wish ya die ,.or maybe ya should go try and dye,..or go hide & seek or peek a leak why ,,or go and try.., speed dial 911trails done ., yes I'm really that one .., Im not the, oh I must've pocketdial , I'm the Pa Court Docket stlye , I like this shit and its been awhile.., hit ya wit gut shots, ya spit out red bile , or stomp ya face, ya spit teeth in piles..., Hope ya like my other side, that I been tryn to hide, deep down inside, with memory's of my real homies that died ,my names royalty on streets side.. your tin foil, the type of loyal that soils its side.. and I fkn ride ... Now I gotta start the cleanse ., I wonder if it was jus drug lust , or angel dust ,or her eyes.., yea im bitter just , plus butthurt , busted trust , I should go get some lemon pleged, gotta whip off all this lust , this rant poem is for your safety , its a fkn must .. Im not just all adhd hyper , it's raining shitty words coming down, crusted ass diaper ., And I back every thing up ., up ., up & down the way , hey it's a must , you fake ass pussy unlike u homie , no one took my shit , come get it , you buttshot homy ., No Trust phony ,Her to I dont Trust .,, And trust is always a must .,so breathe air out your nose , its a must.., also remembers breathing is must
for hits to land and lips to bust ,, i feel distrust in my chest like it's gonna bust ,. ConDissEnding lust & rust , I’ma need some Jesus, holy water a cross & some WD-40, to get rid of this crustd ass lust bfore it rusts in my heart , bustn in ,and I mean in, i must cleanse asap both yous it's a must , Yur lying eyes, lusted me, to me lusting you , type lust ..., Lusted trust isnt trust.., but all my fuss is my cleaning you out is a must . I'm ok tho, My hands&legs steady , I'm fine cause im always ready , but my twisted mind wont ever flinch , I don't care , my eyes always twitch ,no they don't, this shit got me wantng ski-mask abitch , and give her the Ike Turner Dissing.., but I like her face, just not l just lllloyaltys Missing...My Head itches,. My thoughts flip floping, jus like ur story,.. I am bitching.. Just Wondering if he really thought hurting me wasnt gone to be 10x more hurtful to him, it's my next mission, Just like DMX said, ya no who gonna find ya , some old man fishing .., I Already hit my goons up, you bout to be all kinda milk cart missing ..,I went from smitten,, the night before to spite cause guilt ridden ., I write this cause I know I'm me and my history is always re-written..... Remember breathe out your nose bee cause im always one quick move to go from fight stance to take all your air mass rants....Take it from my mind you can't win ,.., disloyalty is the biggest fkn sin ..... fight no bitch this is war and unlike you when I war to win....So Fuck you and your mofo next of kin

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