Wed, 10/14/2015 - 15:27 -- Soulae

Most wouldn’t believe me if I told them my past is dark, I understand, cause my smile brightens my image, creates untrue pictures of my soul, makes me seem pure like I’ve never been through anything, did anything wrong before, that’s cool, you can believe that, why would I be against someone seeing the good in me, I’m not, but I am against telling lies to myself claiming I lived a perfect art piece, I’m not a masterpiece, I’m not together, I don’t have a frame around me, I’m a mess and I gladly accept that and embrace it, no I haven’t accepted everything, hell no I didnt, but that’s the reason why I just cannot carry that label of being a “good” girl. Its a nice name, I am a nice person, my mom taught me well but no everything inside me is not good so no I can’t take that on me, I rather you call me different, call me weird, call me a journey, call me a discoverer, call me unfinished, just please don’t call me anything attached to perfect cause I’m far from it.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you are who you are

its about acceptance

your imperfections is what will make you perfect according to God because you're complete and mature.

keep writing

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