The Veteran's Home?

Sun, 02/19/2017 - 19:25 -- KurtC

Here I was born, in the land of the free,

where my parents choose to serve.

Yet, from how others have been treated, that I see,

Is it really the name it deserves?


I see soldiers come home to thier loved ones, some safe and sound,

while others are wounded, both on the outside and in.

When they ask for help and look around,

they recieve none, not even a job, what a sin!


There are vets in the streets, some young, some old

without food, warmth, security, or a place to stay.

They fought for our country, they were the bold,

so why is thier future so bleak and astray?


So why do soldiers answer the call

where they recieve little liberty and justice for all?


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My community
My country
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