Veterans Day

A silver pendant screams your name

Red fingertips are the bane

Of your existence and your fame

Popping pills for better days.

Returning with empty pockets and a cluttered brain

Crippled by,
that gun video game

Or lack of limbs, crippled just the same

 Feeling as though,

war will never be tame.

Sacrificing all you are

To kill others who are

Sacrificing all they are

To win a battle

To lose a war
For more properties

For longer tours
For larger cemeteries

For museum whores

You love your country
And for it you’d kill?
Why do you love what makes you kill?

Why do you, handover your free will?

You’re honored not for what you did at war,

But for surviving the trauma
and what else is in store.

So thank you for thinking that we are worthy,

Thank you for believing we’re worth fighting for.

But I’d rather you didn’t do what you did,

Because your tired mind, will forever be sore. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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