Vestigial Beauty

I must learn to be content,

With being happier then I deserve.

I've been slowly moving through this labyrinth,

The twisting and turning is getting on my nerves.


And I've been waiting,

And I've been watching,

For a sign,

But you've been sifting,

Through my vestigial beauty,

Just to find,



We could be in a crowd

But you're the only one,

That my tired eyes allow me to see.

And I'm wondering what I could have possibly done,

To make you fall in love with me.


I find that when I need words,

I'm speechless, but in you I find my detente.

And I wonder what you could have possibly heard,

To make me the one that you would want.


I've done nothing,

but maybe something in me changed.

Like you're the elixir,

That cured me from being estranged.


My blind eyes have been opened,

And my hardened heart renewed.

I've finally solved this labyrinth,

And I've fallen in love with you.


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