A Very Special Person

When I need tenderness and a warm embrace,
There is someone I can depend on.
I have a pretty lady who understands my feelings.
When other girls ignored me and left me out,
She observed the wistful look on my face.
Nobody could fix my broken heart except her.
And she voluntarily gave me all her love.

Maya cares for me the same way I care for her.
I was living alone in deep dejection.
When I did not have a friend or a sweetheart,
She kindly crept into my lonely corner.
And she was sure she wanted to be with me.
That is why I shall always stick by her.
I love her because she is a very special person.

When I am reticent about my perturbation,
There is someone to initiate a conversation.
She knows my desires even if I do not speak.
This lady sees the good in every little thing I do.
When I cry, tears come to her eyes too.
She comforts me when I am downhearted.
Her love makes my countenance glow.

She blew me a kiss from across the railway station.
And she sheltered me in the pouring rain.
If I am in a predicament or overcome with grief,
I have someone to empathise with me.
Maya forgives me the moment I make an apology.
She accommodates me when I want intimacy.
And she misses me when I am not around.


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