"A Very Long Run On Sentence” (Why I Love Being a Poet)

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 01:40 -- mdeluca

To me, poetry is the purest form of writing

There are no rules that cannot be broken

No boundaries that cannot be crossed

No emotion to raw

No idea to absurd

And most importantly, no judgement

Literally, there is a phrase “poetic license”

That allows the poet to write, unconstrained by the typical laws of grammar or logic

I mean, look at this poem

There are no periods, few complete thoughts

Maybe I’ll just double space t h e s e  w o r d s 

Just because I can


Just because I can

There is no fear of being in the wrong

No need to edit and edit until the main idea has been lost

I love that poems are a place where I can write what I feel

Let my words flow out of me 

Freeing my head, heart, and soul (God, that sounds cheesy)

I guess the sense of complete and utter freedom is what appeals most to me 

In a world of such rigid perfectionism

It is comforting that at least one art remains candid and true

So I’m just going to submit this right now

Without proofreading

Because I think my first thoughts are the most real

And my initial emotions are the most important

This poem may not be beautiful, intense, or profound

But it is 100% real

And that is why I love it



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