A venture into the mind of a writer

I dare you to take a venture into the mind of a writer

The depths of the mind of a writer go so deep you are unsure if you would be able to escape after entering

But I promise you

You would not regret taking the chance

Your points of view may be changed over to a completey different stance and they may never be able to return to the point in which they stood before

Your opinions in life may change so drastically you do not see the world in such a way you did before

You may become a totally






But be careful

And be cautious

Because the mind of a writer is scary


You see

The thing about writers

Is that they have lived a very long life in a very short amount of time

Writers tend to have seen the ugly in life, the beauty in life, and everything in between

We know the works of the world

We know how the world came to be

We know sympathy and empathy

We get it

We know


As a writer I am completely unbiased

Because I understand you

I understand abusers

I understand users

I understand victims

I understand liars

I understand thieves





I understand every thing from every point of view because I have to

And that's awesome


But that's also why

My mind is scary

My thoughts run ramped

They're so fast I cannot keep up with them

My fingertips cannot relay my message to you quick enough for you to understand

My pen does not contain enough ink to get my words on paper in a timely manner for you to grasp the concept my hands want you to read

My mouth does not speak my words at the rapid pace my mind speaks for you to ever even slightly comprehend what I want you to hear

My mind is scary

Because it is uncontrollable yet the only thing I can control at the same time

My mind




I know

I know the dark alleyways

I know the depths of the sea

I know the homes of the crooked

I know the fires of the sun

I know the poison of Venus

I know the fever of Ebola

I know


Because I am all of these things and yet none of them

And if that doesn't make sense

That's because it's not supposed to

The mind of a writer

Is an adventure with slippery slopes and dark tunnels and damp streets

Is a journey consisting of depression and mania

Is a travel through the past and future

The mind of a writer

Is something you dare not cross unless you understand

And that's why we become so famous online

And that's why we are so awesome

Because so many people see what we write-

Us anonymous with a vague name or a few letters to represent ourselves-

And finally are able to face their problems

Their emotions

Are finally able to assess the things they have been suppressing for so long


Us writers make people able to feel again

Feel what they could not before

Feel what they did not even existed




Make people feel human

We make people admit that they are human

We make them admit that it's okay

To have emotions

We go against society and the media

We make males know they can cry too

We make females understand that they too are strong

We make people see things in ways otherwise nonexistent

We kiss their sorrows with words so sweet they are comforted

We hug their pain with stanzas with so gentle in its own way that they

Are okay


Us writers are dangerous

Because we are honest

We are the truth

We cannot lie

And if we did the truth would come out because subconsciously from time to time when we write we just keep writing

Unable to stop and it gets the point we don't even know the extent of what we're writing until we read it and we discover things

Even we

Didn't know

Were in our minds


Us writers

Make ourselves feel human too

Us writers

Are human too


And that

Is why we are so awesome


So when I dare you to take a venture into the mind of a writer I am simply telling you

To explore the parts of you

You may have to fight to find


I am telling you to listen to listen to your mind when it tells you how it's feeling

I am telling you to take an adventure into your own mind because secretly everyone is a writer

Some just don't know how to write it out

Your mind is a jungle gym where so many thoughts come and play but never leave because you don't write them out

Write them out


When I dare you

To take

A venture into the mind

Of a writer


Am telling you

To venture into your own mind

And discover that you





And this

Is why



So awesome



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