i just need to vent . 

this life is suppose to be well worth spent . 

but as of now it makes no sense . 

arguing and fighting and throwing a fit.

but really is it worth it ? 

because in the end your loved ones are hurting . 


all the pain and agony . 

inside it saddens me . 

its like were being torn apart . 

the devil stabbing daggers into our hearts . 

building up the hatred .

he's hoping we wont make it  .


i sit and think about what we use to be .

back when we were young and happy . 

no drama, no stress

just living life to the fullest .

whatever happened to that ?

its like the good times went away and i want them back .


they say to keep the faith . 

but what happens when my faith starts to break ?

i wanna give up on everything .

i know yall know what i mean .  

but i just gotta sit back and try to keep the peace .

say a prayer to god bcss he's always there for me .


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