Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram
By: Jacqueline Padilla

asked to draw a venn diagram  …
feels the same thing as being asked to
compare myself to the rest of the girls.
When ….


                               at a mirror, I begin to lose myself.
I’m not actually supposed to look so
much at myself and have my surroundings
in mind, but I do. When looking



my heart and soul …. I see nothing
else but broken pieces of all the
World’s mirrors combined. When looking at


a mirror,

I keep on comparing  the color of my skin to
a lighter color. Compare the rainbow
colors of my pen, to the black and white
shades of a painting I can’t create. When

looking at a mirror ….

I see

A beauty I wish I had  …. when I actually
don’t. I’m the one who always pretends
to be an angel yet I don’t feel that way,
When looking at a mirror, I see

how much


I have changed. I could see that I’m no
longer selfless or brave. Those strengths
have now been lost, in the ship of the
all forgotten. Then I see my reflection in a
mirror, I see how much





                                          has been spilled onto the ground, knowing my life is
already confined to this existence , I keep on
pretending to be someone else. Someone
who is resilient and tough . When looking in a

mirror, I see how much blood


is left on me


and how much time I have left, left before

saying goodbye.


Why do I persist

                                in completing this venn diagram, when I could
Fastly burn and have myself leave as well.
I keep on waiting until I answer a question. Why do I

to fantasize

about things that could become real


When I have the word “ lonely” written

In my vocabulary.


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