Velvet Moon

How many times I write my tears down
on poetic silk in dark Ink 
of my heart that sink in pain 
In my heart my days are gloom 
at night my heart cry's out to the
Big velvet moon 
How many times I had wished my pains
in cold stormy rains that don't 
seem to go away nor night nor day
my sadness stays 
What have I become ?
My sweet friend the moon 
hear I am once again 
You hold all my secrets I hold 
Everyone I know
Goes away in the end 
but not you my velvet friend 
You hold it all 
you seen it all 
Even the empire of dirt of evil men
from far 
You my velvet friend 
you had seen every story 
every Love that was mad 
every heart that breaks 
You even have mine written in color 
Oh Velvet moon 
You are my friend of truth 
I written all my words to you .
Lilly Emery


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