A veil has been cast over my face,

Only allowing a glimpse of the me known to the world.

A version edited to fit society norms,

A snippet of something so much more.

A bubble of laughter and tears too boisterous to comprehend,

To grasp,

To understand.

But of course when people don't understand others

They bash,

They cast out,

They keep at an arms length,

Because digging deep into someone's life is frowned upon.

You may be too scared to recognize something that you may carry

And see it in someone else.

You may be too scared to see something in someone that will change

The way you think,

Maybe the way you perceive others

But veils, veils, veils,

They help mask true emotions, reactions, struggles,

To make everyone’s lives easier on the outside.



My filter changes like the seasons,

Depending on who is being graced with my great facade.

I change when needed;

A protective measure,

A safety blanket for me.

A second skin I shrug into to conceal

The raving thoughts of a teenager,

The heartache of a child who had to grow up too soon,

A daughter soon nurturing her mother,

An outspoken Muslim woman in this modern society.


My words,

Sharp enough to cut tension,

Concealed with a layer of sarcasm and love.

My words,

Strong and clear.

Everything done with clear assurance of my worth,

Of the reason I let my voice be heard

Yet my words are my truth,

Not that of the world.

There is always room for my mind to flourish with consideration,

The wheels turning constantly processing ,

My stark surroundings,

The many people walking around with similar veils.

Taking in the fact that everyone is hiding parts of themselves

From the world,

Maybe even from themselves.

Veils are constructed to protect oneself from the ridicule

Of being, in all ways possible,


True to your very essence.

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