A Vase

Our representation of sisterhood is...of a vase
Painted in a mirage of colors
Black, charcoal, honeydew, olive, caramel, egg white
Dipped in centuries of cat-calls & inequality
Only recently dug out from the graves of prejudice & "You belong in the kitchen"
Our representation of sisterhood is of a vase
A vase skillfully placed next to a golden hammer
A beautifully handcrafted hammer that is Man, like we were planted on this Earth as a gift to us
Remember: Adam, and then came Eve
You see, we've been told from the START the hammer is more WORTHY, more expensive, than this vase,
It's just
Over the past few decades we've managed to convince them to rip of the price tags
But this
This delicacy, this vase, has been tipping off of the edge for a few years now
Only months 
seconds from falling over...
Falling over from the numerous amount of times a woman's pictures of her body has been leaked & the blame she gets put on her by her fellow sisters
But it's okay if a man's pictures have been leaked. 
In fact, better than okay! It's a great day!
Falling over from the amount of times we are called "thirsty" by each other 
But it's okay for a man to post pictures of himself half naked
Anyone got a male term for slut?
Creating all these euphemisms to bring ourselves down even more, 
as if history did not do itself justice 
Our representation of sisterhood is...of a vase
& I don't know which is worse;
The fact that we pushed it off its stand, 
or that we're willing to let it shatter.
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