Vanilla Classic

[written for scholarship topic: 250 words or less - if you were an ice cream; which flavor would you be and why?]

Cram that slice of pizza you had stored under your bed into the soft serve of my throat; as the grease drips down my rough edged cone body.

As common as i am the cheaper I'm sold.

Some would consider the twins a better deal although they can come infused with more lavishing toppings than classic me.

The simple swirl of my hair is the point of attraction.

No one wants a short tip carrier that is just depressing.

On hot days I'm the first thing in mind.

During the winter I'm confined within my isolation that is the blizzard I call my home.

Although temporary as it is im shared under the scorching sun between the sweet lust of lovers.
Yet im the final course at the dinner table; I can be that midnight snack watching romance movies while my only comfort method is my “weight gaining self”.

This tub of a woman can only feel the tears running down her chocolate flavored cheeks.

As she pours her heart out into the television taking each scenario and comparing it to her own; she cries again even louder.

With each spoonful of my classic taste she soon falls to the floor from her couch because her diabetes couldn't take her desperate input any longer.

Vanilla Classic is the name.

I'm the addiction to some and challenge to others, although basic as I am; the lactose community secretly adores me.


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