The value of X-Happiness


An empty box blinking on my computer screen,

After 18 years it's unknown to me,

I sit in class everyday relearning the quadratic formula

Having no idea how to pay bills,

How to pay taxes

How to find a damn scholariship

I have to pay my own college tuition,

Just pull out some loans says all of the miserable in debt


Why would I take advice from someone who complains

About their life everyday

Why should I choose a career that I wll get a job in no matter what

An engineer

because your a girl

A doctor

Because your smart enough

I want to be happy

I don't know how to begin

But I know If I want to be happy, I will not become it

Because I am a girl

Or because I am smart enough

I want to be happy because I can

I can do whatever I want despite the statistics

I just need a little help, A push, support

I know for a fact it won't happen, I won't be happy

Unless my elders supprt me, or I leave them enitrely

I will find the value of x myself.

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