I can remember being so scared to look into your eyes feeling like if they stare at me 

a little harder I might die. I hated when math time came because you'd belittle me

and tear me down to prove a point..but why? Because your job was on the line so

you used me as bait to show that you were not the problem but the students were My hands go sweaty, my mind would go blank, and my heart would 

beat fast just so afraid on what question you'd ask me like I actually knew, though 

you made me feel like I was dumb and incompetent...I bet you thought it was true.

You tore me down and shattered me to the ground to nothing but pieces that took 

me years to fix because I knew fearing you and hating you would only hurt me serving

no justice. If you were in front of me I'd look up to you looking you right in your 

piercing eyes and say guess what? I'm making A's in math now...surprise.


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