Valentines Day at school- a math mix


Valentines day is supposed to be a happy day

or so they say

I'd rather be doing math  all day


Pinks and rosey reds

colors start to blend

including my math homework I grade with red pen


It's a day for people to be kind

but people will always tell lies

I'd rather learn my sines


cookies and treats

a time for love ones to meet

finding the area of  a triangle though, can't be beat!


we hold our loved ones near

while others eyes fill with tears

however, i sit doing my first proof in complete fear


Flower bouquets

chocolates, hooray!

I'm really getting sick of this holiday


Love songs

a day for people to belong

come on guys! Thepythgorean theorm doesn't take to long.


Handing out valentines

written on top asking you, will you be mine?

we must always mind our signs


I'm running out of time

I'm sick of all these rhymes

If you don't like math then it really is a crime!


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