Valentines Day

A day that most people would know to be a romantic holiday where you spend it with your loved ones 

Everyone knows what day it is February 14th, 2018 a day now known as a tragic terrifying day for kids,teachers and parents in Parkland, FL

A day where people were shocked and upset and when people saw videos and news they sent out there “hearts” and “Condolences” to the family’s

A day where families were heartbroken and became a day to mourn for 17 families where 17 families go to the grave of their daughter son cousin aunt uncle teacher friend sister brother father mother

A day that seems like most people forgot about but me and the Students teachers and parents don’t forget about.

A day where David Hogg and Emma Gonzáles and other of there peers fought out loud with their voices about Gun Control

A day where people got hurt and died because of one person 

A day that didn’t stop for the 17 families that have to live without that one family member or friend or teacher in their life

A day that the president didn’t give two shits about and help those grieving parents instead he went to party

A day where Obama would have done ten times better because he actually cares and would talk to them like Sandy Hook

There are so many shootings that happen America always want to be the best and win but this is something that should be frowned upon 

In 2018 alone there were 340 mass shootings in the US ALONE with 373 people dead and 1,346 people injured 

17 school shootings in 2018 alone and still nothing has been done about it and people just brush it off

When those 14 parents sent their kids off to school that morning didn’t know what was going to happen, it was a normal day 

Those 3 teachers left their kids wifes or husbands that morning not knowing they were going to have to save anyone's life but there's be taken

Imaging being those 17 families and scared that maybe that would happen to them and nothing is done 

Most of the kids that go to school go scared because of what this world has come to with guns being more precious than people's lives

The NRA does care about people’s lives they just care about the money they get and when they get money the president does also 

That’s why the president doesn’t want to do anything about it because he works with the NRA and the only people that want to speak out are the students and parents of parkland and people that agree with them this is all created by gun violence


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