In vain


United States
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In vain
Was it really in vain?
The woman that wouldn't move in the bus,
The tremendous speeches that broke chains,
And many others who fought for freedom.
Tire of being slain
Tire of being judge
Was that all really in vain?
Look at us,
Do we have freedom?
We do!
Then their protest were not in vain,
Their words were not waste of breath,
Instead they were the breath that gave
Freedom its meaning.
People still criticize,
But they are you are,
Why should skin color matter?
We are the same,
So why don’t we unite.
The past changed our future
It changed our world
So ask yourself, was
Martin Luther King,
Rosa Parks and many others’
Actions in vain?
Look at your hands, do you have chains?
Then we have being set free
Then no,
The civil rights movement,
Their actions,
Were not in vain.

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