Wed, 01/25/2012 - 17:16 -- poet

Memory taps back as a flashback, I’m left to the choice of chance
but at second glance the chance of a second chance is slim to none now
I’m left in this broken asylum empty and numb
a million frames per second flashing on the walls
restless halls echo with the flicker of my ever pumping ticker.
I’m sitting here waiting for that golden silence
images and instances of violence hypnotize these eyes
as I see the demise of an innocent child I’m,
still waiting for the golden silence
endless rows of people being handed weapons of mass destruction
model hanging on the wall stating try this
In the name of a God, I’m still waiting but the
never ending tick tock and the unrelenting flip flop
of the scales of justice are just out of control its
sad to remember that too high a percentage
are either incarcerated or on parole so the wake of a mistake some
fucked up bik or fucked up bush is gonna make
just sit with me and contemplate as we ignorantly wait the silent that will seal out fates.



This poem has a nice beat to it, and you tell a very interesting story, about how the world is often a place to be feared rather than a safe place to live in. I think the most powerful line is "I see the demise of an innocent child" because it is an excellent visual.


Keep goin'.

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