Why do they put up with you?

They're told to build walls.

Yet you break them all.

They never meet the bar.


You say cry or scream or smile

Then accuse of weakness.

All they do is try to please you.


You say run this,

And, once achieved, should've ran that.

As many times as they pass a this,

There is a new that.


You say explore,

Then scream because they gained more.

You say you don't have time,

Yet complain when they don't have time for you.


How can one impress

When you detest?

Do you love at all?

They can't tell

Because they shortly fell.


How can one win?

They were thrown behind from birth.

They shrivel in your moldy shadow.

The bar too high for them to reach.

You say touch the sky,

Yet bury them under a beach.


How can one avoid the tears

You built for them throughout the years?

They no longer stand tall.

Rather cower in fear.

They know nothing at all.

They have only their ears.

For they have nothing but to hear,

Since you stripped them o f it all:

The sense of intelligence or a sliver of desire.

All they have left is their toil and their tire.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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