Use to Talk

We use to talk
Use to spend long hours on the phone
Just laughing and talking endlessly
About nothing in particular
Then all of that changed
One day you just pulled away
And I have no idea how to get you back
Was it something I said?
Was it something I did?
Did you just get bored with me that quickly?
Did you just decide out of the blue to cast me aside?
Change your mind like the tide changes each morning and night?
Now a days it is hard to get you to talk to me at all
At this point it would be easier to talk to a wall
Either distant
Or not in the mood to talk
and you think that is alright
That it won't hurt me
That i'll still be here come the day you decide
to make a change
to talk to me
But your wrong
One of these days I'll be long gone
I pretend I'm okay with your spotty texts
And short calls
But I'm not
I'm far from okay
I miss those days
I miss the way we use to be

I hate that we don't talk anymore
I hate that I have no clue how to get back to you
How to talk to you anymore
But most of all
I hate that I always feel so alone
And that you are the primary cause
The missing link
To mend that




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