Why is it that the female population is belittled with no repercussions?

Why is it that women as sex symbols is usually the topic of discussion?

We emphasize don't get raped as opposed to don't rape.

The world makes it seem like the "perfect" woman has to have a curvaceous shape!

We glorify the idea of a submissive house wife...

To have a greater income than their husband is not proper in life.

Why do we categorize women as fragile and subordinate? 

Why is the idea of women as leaders considered ignorant?

Better yet women should be the symboil of courage and strength!

Women can bare pain up to unthinkable lengths.

Women are put in this world with hopes they will surrender to the role that they are inferior.

To feel potent the male population has to have the title that they are superior.

Men don't feel that degrading women is unrighteous just unright-ish

They don't feel like this obvious dilemma should be considered a crisis!

Respect women not because it should be forced, but because one should respect thier equals.

Learn to accept the fact that yes women are acutally considered people!

How can we advance culturally if we can't accept the flaws keeping us stagnant?

Answer that. 

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