Us, Together.

A string branches from the windows to your soul; connecting

Us as we stare with the violent intentions of conquering

The world together. 

The string tightens and we unconsciously lean

Forward where the beads of my neckwear tap on your chest with a 

Slight rattle. The string wavers as your mouth crinkles up with your 

Delight at the sound. It further tightens as I give a fake glare, hoping you cannot

See the smiling shine in my irises. You 

Apologize with no words and trace the 

Constellations across my nose with a fascinated expression

I can't quite put my finger on. The string is consistently tugging, and

I can see every strand of blue and myself reflected, every

Imperfection and we're falling

The string gives one final tug and your crinkled up smile is

On and in and over my clumsy lips until a rhythm is reached

Between our blood flow and heart beats and breathing. The string unravels as

We pull away, but it strengthens until a steel cable is






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