More people should choose to help others

Why have we lost the desire to help each other?

One would say, "I gotta look out for myself"

"It's not my job to take care of them"

"They got themselves into their situation"


....Yes, I chose to be born into poverty

I chose to live in a shelter as a child

I chose to live in a one-bedroom with seven siblings

I chose to live on a one-parent income

I chose the disposition of stripped resources of my community


And what about you?


You chose to be born into wealth?

You told God to place you in a mansion?

You requested for your parents to stay together; to provide for you?

You safely stationed your resources within close proximity of your life journey?




One thing we lack is the desire to help each other

Blame and responsibility always placed on them


Only WE can change the world, so why not blame ´us´?


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