Urgent Message To Parents

Mother. a privilege bestowed upon a woman. Father; a privilege bestowed upon a man. 

But some men and women see this as a burden. Abortions are rampant and fathers are absent. 

My mother taught me a child was a gift. A present. But people look at children as if they are something that can be easily discarded. 

But these kids have a beating heart! So finish what you started. They smile! They're alive! Look them in their eyes, how can you not see yourself? 

Children have potential, unexplainable wealth. Don't run from your children because every kid needs their parent by their side.

They are the future and they need your support for the ride. They cry! They hurt! And they need there parent's open arms. A place to reside. 

Fathers and mothers are supposed to be their child's shield. Train them up, build excellent character, and then give them their own weapon to wield. That weapon is knowledge.

If you are not in your child's life, then that relationship needs to be salvaged. 

Parents are not perfect and I know that, but now it's time to put on your responsibility hat. It is hard to hear a child say, ''I don't know where mommy and daddy is at.'' 

Should I not cry? Tell them that everything is okay? Is that a lie? 

So parents open your heart, but more importantly open up your eyes. See that your kid needs you before all of your connections with them die.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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