The Urge


United States
40° 29' 35.7864" N, 86° 57' 44.6724" W

I call her The Urge,
And she calls to me daily.
Walking down the halls,
I hear her sweet voice,
Always calling.

The classroom,
The lunchroom,
The locker room,
And the bedroom.
Nowhere is safe.
Everywhere I go I can hear her,
Singing to me softly,
And pushing me to the edge.

Her voice races through my head,
All of it makes me want to jump,
Off the cliff of what is right,
And into the pool of ecstasy,
And all that is wrong.

I know what my punishment will be,
Should I let The Urge take over.
I've seen it many times,
In the eyes of others,
That have jumped into that pool.
In the eyes of Matthew Shepard,
Harvey Milk,
And Billy Gaither.
All of them jumped,
All of them fell,
And all of them were punished.

She gets stronger every day.
Every time I laugh,
With my best friend,
Every time I'm on,
The football field,
Every time I see him,
She is there,
Urging me on,
Until finally I just let go,
And jump off the cliff,
Into the ecstasy.
Into my sin.
Into the truth,
Of who I am.


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