Uplifting from Struggles

After I set down my empty coffee mug

I go to school and get me some hugs

From the friends who are like family

The people who love me for me


I know that grades do not define my worth

But an "A" on an assignment feels like a rebirth

It feels amazing- like I actually good enough

It feels like I may even be capable of love

Its a feeling where I can succeed at anything I do

No matter what it is or for whom


It makes me smile when I think I have lost weight

I believe for a second that the pounds took with them the hate

Directed at me for slight obesity

Before ever getting to know the incredible me

The words hurt but I try to shake them off

Because although I rather be fierce, I am rather all too soft


At the end of the day though

It always gives me relief to know

That I am always forgiven

For all my doubts, fears, and dumb decisions


These things uplift me again and again

From the result of all my struggles within

However, I have learned that it's sometimes ok to be sad

But the emotion does not make life at all "bad"


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