The Unwritten Law

So  why do men tend to hide their faces when the weight of the world slips and falls from their shoulders then collapses to their hands as if they are afraid it will slip through their fingers no matter how much they try to preserve it as if they don't deserve to have the mistakes everyone else gets to learn from none of them wear there tears  as badges of valor some see emotion as a mistake others take them for granite so when they flood through either one it's a shock to the system it's an unwritten law 

that men don't cry and ever since then young boys suppressed feeling without komwledge that all other emotion would be pushed aside as well for this they will lose touch with their human side masculine and macho  is all they know so for them they're heart beat only stands as a life force not as emotional these boys will rarely speak because usually  it will come out sounding like shattering glass words , sentences , paragraphs, stories tend to get trapped in the back of their throat leaving little room for breath which is vital  which is suppose to be vital to be a life force with no emotional existence they can grow up to be primative 
And every syllable they swallow trying to hold it down can be like trying to live of a breath of  cush smoke and a selfish prayer things is what happens when boys feel they must become men before they can have life fundamentals and spell responsibility because the strong and silent type are the ones decrepit and gasping for air 


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