The purple mold

Hiding itself away

In a dungeon of a wall

Rarely comes out to play


But when it does

I see the full spectrum

I see it all

In utter beauty, chaos and filth


I eat the grime

I swallow the tangerine whole

I collapse under the weight

It renews me


Why can’t this be real?

It’s not, it’s fake

But it’s alive

The uncontrollable blazing sun


Everything is fake

But blunt and brutal fatalities

Cloud the mind

With questions of nature


No one even knows

No one can understand

The purple mold gets the glass

And the glass gets the purple mold


Purple mold and glass don’t know themselves

For the purple was green

And the glass turned to brick

Everything was forgotten


Ideas float through stars

As thoughts on waves

Tangible to none

But known by all

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