My love letter to you stays unwritten

Because the words never come fast enough for me to tell you how I truly feel

So I keep my feelings inside hoping that one day I can tell you why

You see I wrote this thinking that the words would come come

So that I can finally tell you that you're the one

But it seems as though my mind has stopped working and i’m slowly shutting down

My heart skips a beat and I get this feeling in my stomach every time

You say baby ..

But see I can't put it into words how I truly feel

Cause you see they are just not there

So I write his hoping that maybe they’ll come

But it seems as though i’m left speechless once again

Maybe you can help me out on this one

Perhaps you can help me put the words together

But I have a feeling you’ll end up just the same

Words just aren’t enough for me to express my feelings towards you

I can say I love you all day but it wouldn't be enough

So I write these little poems hoping that the things missing will be filled but

My love letter to you will have to stay unwritten

Because you leave me speechless beyond compare



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