Untold Truth Of Divorce


United States
42° 43' 39.4896" N, 71° 12' 15.3432" W

My heart is old and weary,
For this life oh dreary.
Hearts a pounding,
Whilst this soul is drowning.
Emotionless wretch,
Oh lies a stretched.
Forgiveness a must,
Or just shadows and dust.
Conceivable lie,
In this knot we tie.
Societal bounds,
Release the blood hounds.
Devastation awaits,
Child support rates.
With no remorse at all,
Even an angel will fall.
Never the same,
For this man to blame.
All has been lost,
just a soul, the cost.
We both have changed,
A child estranged.
In love no more,
to this court we swore.
my heart is old an...................


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