The Untold Story of Alice

The Untold Story of Alice


Woke up from

a dizzy spell



Lights everywhere.

What is that noise?

That indistinguishable noise

can’t be repeated-

only continued.


Where am I?

How did I get here?


What’s that smell?


Carts rolling by

with a savory scent.


{gurgle. gurgle}


My stomach

I’m hungry.

I think that’s

the sensation.



Let’s get up.


Right foot

Left foot.

There it is:

Just one step at a time.


Who are all of these people?

Where did they come from?


{clackity-clack. clackity-clack}


A carriage rolls by-

pulled by a beautiful brown horse.


I need some answers.


“Excuse me, sir?

Where am I?”


“Why miss!

You’re standing in the

middle of Times Square!

You’re in New York City,

of course!”



Silly me!”-I proclaimed



I rushed off.


Heart pounding hard

Head spinning

Cotton mouth


I gotta get home.


{tick-tock. tick-tock}


Hours went by.


Stumbled upon

a crazy man

in a tall hat.


He was of no use.


Bumped into a

set of twins.


What a waste of time!


To top it all off,

this weird-looking cat

keeps following me.


{tick-tock. tick-tock}


It’s 3am.


And why the heck

are people still out

and about?


Shouldn’t they be



I don’t feel so good.




Not now cat!

I must lie down.

Here’s a pla-




Woke up from

a dizzy spell


{beep. beep. beep}


Where am I?

Why am I tucked

in so tight?


White walls

White bed spread



You’re up!

How are you feeling?”


“A bit dizzy sir.

Pardon me for asking,

but where am I?”


“You don’t remember, do you?

Alice, you’re in the hospital.


We recovered you

from that risky

hike you took

a week ago.


Alice, that day of the hike,

it broke 124 °.

That’s the hottest it’s

ever been here in Arizona.


You’re in here because

you fainted from



You’re lucky it

wasn’t worse.”


{tick-tock. tick-tock}


Clock on the wall

struck 3pm.


“Alice, I’ve contacted some

of your family members.


A man in a tall hat,

by the name of Johnny,

stopped by.


A set of twins,

by the names of Matt and Max,

stopped by as well.


And oh!

Your mother brought

your pet cat over to

keep you company.


Now, you rest

and I’ll come by later

to check on you.”



I stared at these


white walls

white bed spread


and laughed.


“Oh doctor?”


“Yes Alice?”


“If you wouldn’t mind

bringing me a glass of water.

I think I’ll need it now….”











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