Untold Story

High School was supposed to be the best time of my life,
till my dad left my family and I turned to drugs and alcohol to survive.
My friends were bad influences
and my grades were terrible,
but i didn't care because it was bearable .
I went to parties, got drunk and high
not realizing that my life was passing by.
As I walk home regretting everything i have done,
I came across a man who had a gun.
He threatened to kill me unless I took off my clothes,
I found myself running home naked and cold.
I was raped by a man who only told only lies
and ended up pregnant within a blink of an eye.
I was looked down upon by all my peers,
"look its the pregnant girl",
I broke down into tears.
I went home that day wishing i could take everything back,
I thought the right thing to do was to call this guy jack,
He had a pregnant girlfriend who was on the same track,
He gave the info so I could take it all back.
As I walk down the hall I see a bright light,
I open the door and felt sudden fright,
I laid on the table hoping everything could be over,
I felt a lot of pressure and he told me to roll over,
As he scraped the inside of my body i felt sudden relief,
knowing that i could walk away without any grief.
As i returned to school the next day i knew it would be over,
the bullying, the whispering, everyone who had spoken,
Silly me thinking that was true,
it only became worse because my stomach never grew.
As i walk down the hall I wasn't okay,
God help me my life is in disarray,
nothing has changed since my baby was scraped away.
At this moment i knew it was over,
my life is a mess and there's no starting over.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

there is always change

what are you willing to change

its about overcoming adversity

find that inspiration

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