The untold stories of being different

Normalcy often sought by those

fearful of what they grew up absent of.

Who is to say identity is a sin?

That checking the other box is not


Lives spent, are behind screens.

Aliases fill your feed.

Although truth floods the ears of everyone,

most are still hiding.

28, counted, shot and killed

in the 365 days of last.

And only 23 the time before.

Will these numbers simmer, or will they continue to


Time is not to tell.

Violence wanders after those who claim to be someone else.

The terrors linger in the physical and mental void.

It is enough to be scared on the street,

But the feeling of rejection,


and depression,

pose the greatest enemies.

But who would think of the untold stories of being different,

when all the different are left dead?


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