I'm tired of sleeping with these secrets

Yet I do things untold

Unheard of

I lurk in the corners

Past darkness

Doing unthinkable things out of my character

Now I come off as a hypocrite

Because I'm making mistakes that everyone makes

But because I call out to God people think I should be above that

But I'm not

It clearly states that walking with God is a constant fight an ongoing battle that just gets harder

Temptation comes at you from the left and the right and behind and above

Cannon to the left of them

Cannon to the right of them

I'm bound to fall

Nothing makes me too good to not be able to get knocked down

I'm not invincible

I'm doing

Things on the darkness

Then laying in my bed trying to hide from the demons knocking at my window

Taunting me

Reminding me

That I'm a sinner

Just like everyone else

And I'm going to make mistakes


I'm just trying to take it day by day

But everyone has me under their microscope

I'm in clear view of their lens

Why am I an object of attraction

That everyone must watch my every move

Laugh when I fall

Smile when I'm broken

And turn away while I'm in need

Because you have me on a pedestal

An you want me to get knocked down

Your lips speak freely about the great things I do

But in the back of your mind your awaiting the truth behind my scars

That is why

I hide in the darkness

Sleep with my secrets

Cry because I'm keeping everything locked up throw away the key

My sins are kept to me

Because you just wouldn't understand

That just like you

I fall too



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