An Untitled Thought

I didn't even get a chance to love you. Just as soon as you saw my heart beating out of my chest,  just as soon as you knew that there wasn't a single day that went by,  where you didn't cross my mind. Just as soon as you saw the air leave my lungs, when my eyes met yours, you hid yourself from me. And what a devious thing to do, how can you dead yourself when you know I can't live without you? Everything else ceases to exist, time stops and I see nothing else, I know nothing else outside of you, but you know that don't you? Isn't that why you make it a point to teasingly dangle your heart over my palms? Taunting me for your own sick amusement. And you're good at what you do, youknow how i'll react before I even make a move. You know too much and yet there is so much you'e ignorant all boils down to the knowing.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said


Thank you :)

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