Untitled Ranting

A black kid from Chicago,
Stereotypical right?
Shooters and gangbangers,
Just an ordinary sight.
Drug deals and pain pills,
Just a part of the life.
Kids get killed daily,
Society a be alright.
Pants sagging and weave dragging,
That’s what make us all cool.
Got to have that cash,
To be leader of the new school.
Got to be bad,
Can’t afford to follow the rules.
West side versus south side,
We shoot to kill don’t be no fool.
But who ever said,
That this life was okay?
Whoever said it’s okay,
For increased death rates?
Whoever said I had to be,
What society depicts?
Well… I’m not…
See me, I got a high school diploma,
With my name on the front
Put it in a frame
Just to keep my spirits up
Sitting in college
I still like to party
But my proudest achievement
Standing magna cum laude
Don’t let society depict
Your limits on life
Do anything you want
Do good, make a strive
Keep your head held high
Look in the mirror and smile
But, whatever you do
Put the guns down.



Dope. Mad Respect.

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