Untitled Lies

Lie to me, to be honest, I will probably think that it's true Look at me, I will take the lies if you are willing to keep your soul open Directed to me, you said that you wanted more than I said I could give Gaze gone from me, looks like we both lied and I didn't think I could even try You left me, so soon, I thought the wind was an engulfing love until you past me by  Don't hurt me, because I stay broken in my mind, shocked in my heart, and puzzled in my body You reminded me, I was told as a child many things, seems like I ended up believing them all too much Said to me, "you are a strange boy, don’t you know what's in your own mind  you're a handsome boy, don't you know what's on the outside  you’re a bad boy, don't you know what's best in your heart   you're a lost boy, don't you know the way back to the way you're from"Lie to me, so when I hope that you forgive me, I don't have to try.  

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Lies can be deceiving.

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