He turned back just one last time to see her face

He stood completley still among the flow of strangers

He had given up on the passionate chase

He now stood alone, immune to dangers

He lost all sense of reality and focused on the moment

He imagined what it felt like to be in her arms

Her longing for another was his only opponent

Her heart no longer responded to his charms

Her mind could not comprehend the loss he felt

Her soul did not notice the wound she inflicted

Her eyes did not light up when on one knee he knelt

Her body felt no change as she boastfully restricted

They watched as a love that seemed so strong abrubtly ended

They listened as they heard only sounds of silence

They arrived with sympathy only to find his heart could not be mended

They went to her but she ignored with defiance

He turned back just one last time to see her face

Her hair swept across the air as to bid farewell as she walked away

He too, exhausted, began a new path with a different pace

They observed the two of them; one at sea, one at bay.



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