he thought he could change the world 
thought he would make a million dollars 
thought he would marrie me 
but then ppl got in the way 
they would bullie him 
it never ended 
everynight was the same for him 
go home 
cry, cut and call me 
i always tried to be there 
i new what he was goin through 
howbad it feels so feel like you don`t belong 
but one day i never got the call 
never got a text 
i got a really bad feeling 
then i go to ur house 
ur parents arnt home but i whent in 
walked up the flight of stairs 
saw you layin on the floor 
there was so much blood hun 
i found the note you adressed to me 
all it said was 
" i love you, it not ur fault " 
the storm in my eyes left 
tears flooded down my cheeks 
i remember layin next to you and saying goodbye 
i loved to you hun 
4ever nd ever u said 
but u really ment 
4ever till i die......


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