Know'st the things which ive felt obliged?
dying to live and living to die 

branded in chains and brought to a kneel 
new freedom to roam, yet closer I deal 

older I've grown and fate as its meant 
borne without fortunes but unmeasurable sense 

my wit cost my time, my time bought my age 
sentience, patience and governance of ways 

what learned creature have I become?
threshed by moon and cleft by sun

a palatine totem hewn from a man 
a guided penstroke from God's very hand 

a bittersweet tang of iron bit bridle 
while tasting the slake of more arebesque idols

bearing the weight of the world on my back 
let life slip-fall gently, right down through the crack 

what wretched creature I have become!
threshed by moon and cleft by sun


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