Until Tomorrow


Does it ever strike you odd the way we are given today?

We have no hold on yesterday, no grip on tomorrow,

But present tense is ours to own and understand,


Does it ever stop you still to know that right now won't come again?

This second will disappear like it never existed and we can't get it back,

But we do have this second and that holds power,


Do you understand the power of present tense?

These seconds are yours to spend as wisely as you can,

But you never know when the seconds will run out,


Do you ever stop to appreciate the fact that you've got this moment?

Tomorrow, uknown. Yesterday, unchangeable. Today,  yours fully,

But don't forget that if today is squandered someone may suffer,


Do you believe in your own potential as a living soul?

Your moments can be the threads of the tapestry called good,

But it's up to you to make your moments matter,


Do you see your life as a chance to impact humanity?

Today is your chance to love fully, give all, live well,

But this day can't be taken lightly,


Do you look at the clock and let it remind you that your time is now?

Right here may be your big moment to choose to be the hero,

But you could be the villain so choose wisely,


Do you grasp what a gift today is?

It's all yours to give to everything you care about,

And you have today - until tomorrow 


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