Until Now

You told me it would be fine

Nothing bad would happen

My friend told me the same

But my parents warned me

I wouldn't listen 

Until now


You were supposed to protect me

For we had some good time together

You said you love me

But my teachers warned me

I wouldn't listen 

Until now


You were nice and handsome

You showed me how much you care

I thought you would always be there

I thought I know you

I thought I could trust you

Until now


Now I have a baby with no father

Although you are here, alive

He is your flesh and blood

He is your own portrait


Until now I know who you are

You are selfish and irresponsible

You say you are at school

You say you are not ready

How about me?


I'll take care of my baby

I'll teach him

Teach him to be responsible,

To forgive you, despite all

Hoping he doesn't take after you.





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