Until I Leave




Would you listen?

Would you understand?

If I could tell you

How I despise the man

You have forced me to know.


I want you to know

No longer can I open up

For every time I have,

My concerns

Are turned to dust.


My sorrows are valid

But I’m not allowed to explain;

He’s not called on me to speak.

Suppressed is how I feel

My voice, meaningless.


Constantly I feel scolded

For absolutely no wrong

Now I live waiting

For the next faulty mistake

To make, never intentional.


How could you wonder why?

When I leave, I will never come back

Can you not see?

I am only tolerating

My childhood obligations


As soon as I can

I will fly far from here

I cannot return

It would shatter me

With him, I cannot be.


Since you refuse

To acknowledge the

Destruction he has caused within

We both have to live

With the words I cannot say


Until I leave.


Need to talk?

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