Until Death Comes

1. Until death comes;
We may never realise the true beauty of life,
The treasure in a simple hello,
Even the luxury of a warm hug;
May to us; go unnoticed.

2. Until death comes;
Prepare for it but don't sit around waiting,
Take a trip to someplace new,
Stay up at night just to gaze at the stars,
Strew some good here and there.

3. Until death comes;
Live to the brim and a little over,
Take pleasure in the little things,
Remember the woes of life will surely knock you down but you must rise up;
Fight and refuse to die before death comes.

4. Because when death comes;
And we hear the familiar chatter from the home of a dear neighbour no more,
Or we lie on our deathbed; writhing; thinking of things left undone,
Only then do we begin to capture the true nature of life,
And finally get the picture - the beauty thereof.

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Our world
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