All these nothings 

But they ain’t sweet

My finger has a ring

But I swear it ain’t me

Back and forth

Doing the same shit

Thought you were my true north

Don’t want this to be it

Keep saying we’ll try harder

Express our feelings

Keep wanting to barter

Life has been stealing 

Away goes our patience 

And so WE suffer

Check the surveillance

But we don’t want any other

Day to symbolize our cycles

Around and around

Errors and trials

But love keeps us bound

Is it enough?

Keep staying together 

Even when it gets tough. 

I guess that is forever. 

Shouldn’t have to be this way 

This trying is getting too old

Swear we argue every other day 

In between we try to console.

Too hard for me to swallow

We can’t fix what’s too broken 

Hand me a rum bottle

Let it drain and pour the coke in.

I drink to mask my pain

Push it away like I don’t care

Am I too vain?

Bottoms up and I’m not there. 

Slowly facing my fears

Keep going at this rate 

And I’ll wake without you here

Pray we never reach that date. 

So we keep fighting 

Hoping one day we’ll reach the end

Love keeps us together, it’s tightening

But hopefully it never breaks, only bends

To allow room to grow together

And never apart

I hope this is forever

You have my heart.



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