Unspoken Life

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 11:31 -- Jesk


United States
43° 1' 0.9732" N, 88° 1' 0.2676" W

When the sky is falling,
When the clouds weep,
For the loss of those you love,

When there is nothing left,
who do you become?

Not the wind,
The wind has no where to go

Not the love,
The love cannot be expressed

What did you expect?

This plague of murder and hatred,
Bet you didn't expect it.

The chaos you chose,
The need you created,
The love you lost,
The lives you broke,

You left us apart,
Now we leave you together,

The fire of choice has been lit,
The words of hate are flowing,

Times of us are over,
Time for us is gone,

Your time has been running out,
Time has been gone all along,

You cheated death once,
Now Death is here for you.


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