unsent letter to you

i know i should've written a long time ago

but you know how time slips between our toes 

i'm writing this letter to say that i'm fine

and i finally forgave you for walking out of my life


do you sleep at night and do you still worry?

i wish you would relax and not be so hurried

i'm not telling you how you should live your life

i'm just telling you how i've been living mine



you're silently waiting for your chance to run 

so you can start over and become someone 

but you've got your head filled with lies

the ones that i told you so you wouldn't cry 



Guide that inspired this poem: 



i wrote this about a relationship that i had with a man that emotionally abused me. however, i still love him and care for him and i couldnt tell him that so i wrote a letter to him that i never sent. this is the letter. 


this is a


this is a letter i wrote to myself. 

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