Fri, 07/18/2014 - 01:05 -- wodel

It's weird to constantly want to be seen,

But to constantly want to be by yourself as well.

Not many people understand me, chalking it up to being a weird teen.

Saying I'm either craving for attention, or antisocial, not knowing I'm just a shell.


I pride myself in seeing it all

Feigning obliviousness to observe the scene

I am inconspicuous like a fly on the wall,

Constantly thinking whether or not I should make myself seen.



I am the one who will either be your salvation or your downfall,

I am the one who sees who you are.

I am the one who knows what happens behind closed doors tells it all,

I am the one who could provide all the insight, raising the bar.


I am also the one who ignores it all

I am the one who wants to be left alone

I am the one who keeps to myself and pretends to not have the gall

I am the one who leaves you to tend to your own throne


But if the time shall ever arise

And you realize that I am the eyes

I will not plot your demise,

But I shall find a new muse and say my goodbyes.


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